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List of all the datasets of ECB

BKNBanknotes statistics
BLSBank Lending Survey Statistics
BNTShipments of Euro Banknotes Statistics (ESCB)
BOPEuro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics
BSIBalance Sheet Items
BSPBalance Sheet Items Statistics (tables 2 to 5 of the Blue Book)
CBDStatistics on Consolidated Banking Data
CBD2Consolidated Banking data
CCPCentral Counterparty Clearing Statistics
CISSComposite Indicator of Systemic Stress
CLIFSCountry-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS)
CPPCommercial Property Price Statistics
CSECCSDB Derived Securities Issues Statistics
DCMDealogic DCM analytics data
DDDerived Data
EONEONIA: Euro Interbank Offered Rate
ESAESA95 National Accounts
ESBEuropean Union Balance of Payments (Source Eurostat)
ESTEuro Short-Term Rate
EXRExchange Rates
FMFinancial market data
FVCFinancial Vehicle Corporation
FXIForeign Exchange Statistics
GSTGovernment Statistics
ICBInsurance Corporations Assets and Liabilities
ICOInsurance Corporations Operations
ICPIndices of Consumer prices
IFIIndicators of Financial Integration
ILMInternal Liquidity Management
IRSInterest rate statistics
IVFInvestment Funds Balance Sheet Statistics
KRIEBA Key Risk Indicators
LIGLarge Insurance Groups Statistics
MFIList of MFIs
MIRMFI Interest Rate Statistics
MMSMoney Market Survey
MMSRMoney Market Statistical Reporting
MPDMacroeconomic Projection Database
OFIOther Financial Intermediaries
PFBPension Fund Assets and Liabilities
PFBRPension funds Regulation
PSSPayments and Settlement Systems Statistics
RAInternational Reserves of the Eurosystem
RAIRisk Assessment Indicators
RDERisk Dashboard data
RDFRisk Dashboard data
RESCCommercial Property Prices
RESHStructural Housing Indicators
RESRReal Estate Statistics
RESVResidential Property Valuation
RIRRetail Interest Rates
RPPResidential Property Price Index Statistics
RPVResidential Property Valuation
RTDReal Time Database (research database)
SAFESurvey on the Access to Finance of SMEs
SEESecurities exchange - Trading Statistics
SHIStructural Housing Indicators Statistics
SHSSecurities Holding Statistics
SPFSurvey of Professional Forecasters
SSIBanking structural statistical indicators
SSPStructural Financial Indicators for Payments
SSTSecurities Settlement Statistics
ST1Balance of Payments statistics, national data
ST3Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics, Geographical Breakdown
STSShort-Term Statistics
SUPSupervisory Banking Statistics
SUROpinion Surveys
TGBTarget Balances
TRDExternal Trade
WTSTrade weights
YCFinancial market data - yield curve